20 Summer Goals


Recently, a friend of mine challenged me to make a to-do list of sorts, of 20 goals I wanted to accomplish before summer ends. Instantly I thought that it was a silly idea for me. Would I even be able to think of 20 things to do before summer is over? Would I have any hope of completing the list? After a while, I realized that these thoughts were simply just self-doubt, and decided to go for it. So as I sat down with a notebook and pen in hand, ready to start writing, I stopped to think for a little while. I wanted these goals to be important to me. I wanted them to be things that meant something to me, and things that would enrich my life a little. Before I knew it, I had a dozen goals written down on paper, and it all started to feel a bit more real. I looked to some friends for more ideas and in no time I had my list of 20 goals, and was more excited than ever about the prospect of summer. Doing this little challenge has given me a renewed sense of excitement for summer, an excitement that I haven’t had since I was a kid getting out of school for summer break. Summer has taken on a new meaning now that I’m older. It’s no longer filled with endless amounts of free-time and popsicles on hot summer days; now it’s just filled with work, scorchingly hot days with little relief, and sweat, so much sweat. But these goals made me a bit more excited and motivated about everything. So without further ado, here are my 20 summer goals!

1.) Write a short story
2.) Make homemade pasta
3.) Learn how to paint (well) with watercolors
4.) Create a photo album of my favorite photos
5.) Attend at least four cultural/arts events (i.e. author events, art fairs, ethnic festivals, music events, etc)
6.) Write handwritten letters to at least three different people
7.) Stop putting off starting a blog just because you think people will find it silly
8.) Learn to whistle with my fingers
9.) Plant and grow a sunflower
10.) Cook a traditional dish from at least three different countries
11.) Take a baking or cooking class
12.) Try one new food every week
13.) Learn to sew, knit, or crochet, and make at least three homemade gifts to give at Christmastime
14.) Sleep under the stars
15.) Try five new cocktails
16.) Volunteer with at least three different charities/organizations
17.) Learn as much as possible about a culture different from my own
18.) Take one day each week to myself, with no distractions or obligations to worry about, to relax and decompress, no matter what!
19.) Do at least three new crafts
20.) Write about what I’ve done, how I’ve felt, and what I’ve daydreamed about each and every day in a journal

The best part about this list is that I haven’t put any pressure on myself with it. I don’t have unrealistic goals of completing each and every thing perfectly before summer comes to a close. If I don’t manage to complete something, the beauty of this list is that I can just add it to my next list of goals and continue! I hope you check back on this blog every so often to keep up with my progress on this list, and on all the other things I get up to.

I’m proud to say that I can officially check offΒ number 7 on the list, because I have started this blog!

I hope you’re doing well, where ever you are in the world, and I wish you all the best.

-Lexie Xx

45 thoughts on “20 Summer Goals

    1. Lexie, your list of 20 things is very telling about your exceptional quality of being. Follow your heart’s intuition and these beautiful and simple goals you’ve set will enrich your life, all who you come into contact with, and more.
      I’ll be rooting you all the way!

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  1. Your blog looks great. All the best with completing your 20 Summer goals. You already on the rollπŸ‘πŸ‘


  2. Thanks for the like of my Homelands: China and Scotland. I’m not able to make lists beyond seven. If I count correctly your list adds up to 61 items. You are ahead of me if you only accomplish 15% of them (61 x .15 = 9). Cheers

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    1. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me! I honestly feel a bit more secure with it all now! There’s a lot on there to accomplish, but I’m trying to keep the pressure off when it comes to actually doing everything that I’ve listed.


  3. Great list Lexie… one tip with number 9; plant a few because the slugs love sunflowers! So many times I’ve been sad to see my young seedlings disappear overnight thanks to the slimy monsters. And with number 16 there is a great charity called ‘PostPals’ where you can send cards to sick kids…. a quick and easy way to put a smile on someone’s face πŸ™‚ Happy Summer!

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  4. Dear Lexie,
    Whatever you do don’t make pasta with someone else. My husband and I nearly threw the pasta maker across the room when we tried it together. We have completely different approaches to directions. We couldn’t make a gingerbread house together either. Luckily there are things we can do together.

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    1. Haha thanks so much for the trip. I’ll add that to the slowly growing list of things not to do with my future spouse, if I end up with one! πŸ˜‰ I’ve also been told that going canoeing with a spouse is not the best idea either haha, apparently you should always just go with kayaks, separate boats keep a marriage happy, at least that’s what people have told me! πŸ™‚


      1. cnn.com has pictures of dead bodies everwhere, happy thkivsgnaing. KKR is a train wreck, up to last year they were writting checks by hand and did not even have an AP/AR system in place, sloppy sloppy 1980s type controls.Good luck with that IPO, not.


  5. I’m almost lost for words! You are a natural blogger! You are a fan writer, and your list is full of such great challenges!!!! I’m so proud of you! You are really going to have a fun summer now! I’m going to be following your progress, every step of the way! Then I’ll be looking forward to your winter challenge list!! It gets addictive, believe me!!!!! You’re fab Lexie!!! X

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  6. Your list is very inspiring Lexie! Makes me think I should make one for myself – a list of things that I WANT to do….hmm I think I’ll do that πŸ™‚ Have fun and I look forward to hearing about it!

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    1. Cute popsmmo!Tag, you’re it Gennine! Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, players then tags 8 people by posting their names and makes sure they know theyÒ€ℒve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tageeÒ€ℒs blog.


  7. Reblogged this on pythialondon and commented:
    Wonderful. Especially given that Lexie hasn’t set a goal of achieving them all since a few of them require more than a summer’s work (well, ideally). And this inspire me to look at my own lists as well. Thanks. All the best.


  8. I just got my sunflower seeds out and am getting ready to put them in the ground tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Lovely list and a bit inspiring too! Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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      1. I’ve still not gotten around to it yet! We’ve got a horrible cicada apocalypse of sorts going on here in Kansas City and it’s hard to even be outside at the moment. It’s quite gross. If you’d like, you could do a quick google search of it and see what I’m talking about, there are literally millions covering my backyard at the moment, its awful for someone that hates bugs as much as I do! Haha.


  9. Ar0o#tou&a823i;Hellg! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon….


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